AITA for trying to be my daughter’s friend/confidant from a distance?

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Here’s what /u/MilesBHigher has to say about it:

This may seem to be a bit of an unusual question or situation, but I thought I would get some outside viewpoints or opinions.

My daughter (14) just recently had a birthday. I guess I had better preface this by stating that we do not currently live together. She has the idea that she should be able to talk to me about anything. She once told me about her wanting to go to the U.K. to visit with a child that she had met off of Minecraft that she had started dating. Rather than keep this information that was provided in confidence to myself, I told her mother. Only because she was making it sound like she was going to find a way to come up with the money and make the trip on her own. Fearing for my daughter's safety, although I know the outcome is very far-fetched, I explained to her mother what was going on.

Throughout the months following, I had a decent rapport with her mother again, who told me that my daughter had lost her phone privileges and if I wanted to speak to her, I would have to do so with her mother present. By the time I get the opportunity to speak with her, her mother is just getting off work and doesn't answer the phone. So we started talking on Skype. She continued to tell me about all the little things that irritate her about her mother and her boyfriend, asking what I think. I redirect the conversations. She always asks me to ask her mom if she can come visit. I do, her mother says no, and it puts her in a foul mood. I hate that she is hurting her like that.

Being a part of my daughter's life has been a top priority for me, always, but it seems like the distance between us is starting to cause a rift between her and her stand-in father and her mother. She told me the reason that her phone was taken away is because she refuses to acknowledge anything that they tell her. I tell her all the time that we are going to end up being cut off from communication if she doesn't start acting right behavior wise, and she changes for a short time. Then it's right back to the same attitude.

I know that us being so far, and being kept from one another has a part to do with it. But it's not financially possible for me to fly back and forth. She still tries to tell me everything that she can, and rants and raves about the things that shes unhappy with. I have never coaxed her or tried to make her feel any way about her current situation, but I do feel like I might be causing more problems just by trying to be there for her as I should always want to be. It hurts to think that I may not be able to continue with the relationship all because she has such animosity towards him. She's told me that she hates him, and kept thinking for years that her mother and I would end up getting back together. I keep telling her it's not a possibility, but she keeps clinging to hope. AITA?

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