Is Gon and Killua’s Friendship Onesided?

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Here’s what /u/boomingblade has to say about it:

This is a topic I see on a lot of other platforms, and many people have varying opinions on not only why it is, but which side is the one sided one.

I would actually argue that their friendship is not one sided because of the differing viewpoints on what both boys have on what a friend is. To start my claim, I will bring up that before each other, neither of them had really had friends before, so neither of them really have anything to "expect" from a friendship.

"Killua cares more about Gon than Gon for Killua" I see this argument brought up a lot in defense of the onesidedness on Killua's part, and it's honestly an interesting topic on its own, too. Many times within the story we see Killua going above and beyond to do things for Gon, and to keep him safe. A notable example I see cited often is the time during the dodgeball game where Killua was hiding how messed up his hands were because he didn't want to let Gon down. And when this was brought up to Gon, he says he knew anyways, but didn't care. I feel like what's missing in this context, is thinking about it from Gon's point of view. If Killua had kept his hands out in the open, it'd be making it obvious that Gon was messing up his hands. But if Killua quickly stashed them away, and Gon noticed, Gon could then assume that Killua doesn't want him to pull back and stop using his hands as support for the ball, and is thus just complying with Killua's wishes as understood from his body language.

This then brings up another point, of "Is Gon being manipulative towards Killua to get what he wants", which then opens up a new door towards the fact that Killua's feelings for Gon are so strong that he's already willing to do anything for him. Killua is clearly capable of making his own decisions, though, but I do feel that his idea of friendship is giving his all for someone. He needs to be there for Gon always, but doesn't seem to want much in return. In fact, during the Chimera Ant Arc, there are two scenes that come to mind. The first are the ones where Killua is internally panicked over the idea that he's not strong enough to protect Gon, and will have to leave him since he can't defeat Shoot. During this, he's more faced with the idea that he will leave Gon to die, not that Gon owes him anything and needs to save him. He clearly doesn't even think about the friendship reciprocating in the other way. The second scene is where Killua is disappointed that Gon wanted to defeat Pitou by himself, instead of having the two of them do it together. I feel like this is the only time Killua really felt betrayed by their friendship, however, he does understand that Gon had personal resentment towards Pitou because of what happened to Kite.

We see a lot of the friendship side from Killua, especially since he's around to prevent Gon's trouble more often than Gon is for his, but Gon does genuinely care about Killua. At the end of the Greed Island Arc, Gon, who's dream it is to meet his father, wants to bring Killua because he's his best friend and can't wait to introduce him to Ging. If Gon has nothing to win out of this. He gets a bad rep for being selfish, but bringing Killua along has no motivation other than the fact that he cares about their friendship. Gon just doesn't express himself in the same way Killua expresses their friendship. While Killua does it through actions, Gon does it through words. And even though Killua puts more into the friendship, he isn't looking for Gon to put the same amount.

So, what do you guys think?

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