Is it a necessary a bad thing to be a narcissist?

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Here’s what /u/victimization has to say about it:

I always been pretty narcissistic, I only cared about myself, and care a lot about my looks, never had a problem getting chicks, lied in relationships, cheated a lot, I lack emotions never been sad or depressed before, I fake being happy, etc never done anything for another person without there being some kind of incentive or alternative motive to my actions such of some sort manipulation.

Chicks call me conceded, or vain.

Anyways found the red pill on accident this year, googled something stupid with “Reddit” on the end . And it linked me to asktrp, and I pretty much agreed with most of things preached here since it already my viewpoint on life,

Anyways finding the red pill made me take lifting a lot more seriously, and I believe it’s amplifying my narcissist traits, haha, to where I’m becoming obsessed with maxing out, whatever that be financially, physically, etc. I feel like I have to be the best because I am the best.

Like I literally think life is a game, revolving around me , and it’s my mission to play to win.

Wondering if anyone else in the community feels this same way about life?

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