Ok.. but srsly (rant @ the hijab subreddits)

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Here’s what /u/sassyssomii has to say about it:

So, if y’all have or have not visited the hijabi subreddit.. all I gotta say is that, there is HONESTLY children running that account.

There’s so many complaints about getting to know a guy and then the guy wanting sex from you before marriage.

And it’s like hun… ru 12? Or in ur 20’s… men (sorry not all but the general population) think with their dick..

Then the ppl on there are apparently allowed to pull other Muslim women down for not wearing a hijab. As if not wearing one is so damn sinful.

Then they express their viewpoints on that acting like they some goddess expressing goodness everywhere…

They all got sensitive over my comment with the dude.. 🤪 which is y I got banned. Homegurl thought, dating a Muslim guy meant he ain’t into sex after marriage and she went on a whole “naive rant” about it.

I was like dude… first off u mentioned ur pops is conservative as hell and then u try to go on a date with a dude.. and expect him not to think with his dick. Like get a life 😂

Anyone else got a bad experience?

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