Room of requirement prompt.

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Here’s what /u/StatusCount has to say about it:

A long time ago, Salazar and Gordic worked together to create the room of requirement. But instead of making a very helpful room they accidentally unleashed some whole new evil. The 4 founders together used up all their might to limit the evil to be the room of requirement it is today.

One day, around a month in Harry's third year of school, the protections break and Harry is the first person to stumble into the unprotected room of requirement.
The room gave him ANYTHING he wanted, EVERYTHING. It started off small, he started to retain more knowledge when he studied there, he became more stronger, but as his wishes became bigger and bigger he started wishing for bigger things such as his mother and father. He ends up swallowed in an eternal illusion/delusion of a perfect world with his freinds and filled with magic.

After this tragedy occured, Dumbledore, a powerful wizard, armed with modern knowledge the founders couldn't dream of having, managed to isolate the room entirely, however, to do that was to make the hard desicion to trap Harry in that place of delusions forever.
By doing this, he saved the entire world from being swallowed up from the evil that was the room of requirement.

To make it make sense why it only swallowed Harry, was because the room didn't have enough energy to swallow hundereds and dozens of people at a time – it started with one, which it got energy from, and dumbledore isolated it before it could swallow more. And Harry was unluckily in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Probably should mostly focus on Harry, maybe a little part at the start for the founders time bit, and should probably have dumbledore's viewpoint as well as Harry's

I think if someone wrote this, it would be superb!

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