Visitor viewpoint: The thread among BYU’s honor code and LGBTQ activism |

Here’s what /u/onewatt has to say about it: submitted by /u/onewatt to r/Mormonism [link] [comments] Your opinion matters! You can earn easy money online by participating in paid surveys at PAID VIEWPOINT

What’s your best argument for objective meaning?

Here’s what /u/GaySwans has to say about it: In the spirit of this post: what's the best argument you can come up with for why life might be meaningful (even if it doesn't actually convince you). For me, the closest thing would be the epicurean viewpoint that pleasure is an undeniably positive feeling, and... Continue Reading →

The Ugly Duckling (fiction)

Here’s what /u/Simonbee has to say about it: I am linking here my latest story I have been able to finish. The story is a part of my so called "Clinic series", which revolves around a mysterious medical corporation that is able to do just about anything when it comes to human body. Like all... Continue Reading →

Best libertarian political commentators

Here’s what /u/LizardKing810 has to say about it: What do you think are the best libertarian commentators to watch, listen to and read. There are some conditions I want though. 1. They must be articulate and not be over the top and cringey. 2. They must also be intelligent and well-educated; meaning they know what... Continue Reading →

41 [M4F] Unique Viewpoints

Here’s what /u/_Midwest_throwaway_ has to say about it: I’m interested in people who have interesting viewpoints based on who they are or what they do that gives them a vantage on life that most people don’t get. So, if you’re a twin and you go through life sharing your appearance with someone else, I’d be... Continue Reading →

[M4A] Naruto Great bimbofication war!

Here’s what /u/BBCCuckguide has to say about it: So this is a new idea I've been trying out with a friend. Basically this plot follows a alternate timeline in Naruto where Kabuto uses Madara's sukuomi plans and modifies it so it'll instead bimbofy all the female shinobe and even turn a large portion of the... Continue Reading →

34 [M4F] – Illinois/US Hi, I’m datingishard_! You may remember me from such R4R posts as “Hi, I’m datingishard_! You may remember me from such R4R posts as” or “Looking for the Biden to my Obama” or “Halt! Or my heart might stop beating!

Here’s what /u/datingishard_ has to say about it: - I am poly, I am dating someone lovely and I am not looking for a unicorn. We date seperately. There. Let the amount of responses get reduced 95% fold. Ah, R4R. Here we are again. It has been some time but much like that consistent ache... Continue Reading →

Room of requirement prompt.

Here’s what /u/StatusCount has to say about it: A long time ago, Salazar and Gordic worked together to create the room of requirement. But instead of making a very helpful room they accidentally unleashed some whole new evil. The 4 founders together used up all their might to limit the evil to be the room... Continue Reading →

The false god

Here’s what /u/HarvestTheGrapes has to say about it: As a Yankee fan, if you have not watched Brian Cashmans' end of the season press conference, you are doing yourself a major disservice because it is very enlightening. I cannot recall a media interaction in recent years that more clearly demonstrates the dangerous arrogance and stubbornness... Continue Reading →

Applying Game Theory/Design to Writing: Rewards

Here’s what /u/jawest13 has to say about it: This is one of the first sections from a chapter on how to set up a conflict. Basically, establishing the carrot keeping the rabbit in the race. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards When exploring any given conflict, a good place to start is asking what the purpose... Continue Reading →

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