Triggered Democrat Liberal laments ‘damage’ done by ‘South Park,’ completely misses why it’s the show this culture needs – by Zachary Leeman (RT) 14 Feb 2020

Here’s what /u/finnagains has to say about it: A string of tweets from writer Dana Schwartz slamming the “cultural damage” done by ‘South Park’ have gone viral, and now fans are defending the controversial show, saying it’s exactly what today’s bubble-wrapped culture needs. Don’t count ‘She-Hulk’ writer Dana Schwartz as a ‘South Park’ fan anytime... Continue Reading →

Support Your Local Police State? – Desperate to stem protests, dozens of governments shut down internet access in 2019

Here’s what /u/finnagains has to say about it: Amid a global upsurge of political protests and strikes, governments all over the world are shutting down the internet in desperate bids to stem the tide of popular opposition. According to preliminary data from Access Now, 2019 likely saw more deliberate internet shutdowns than any other previous... Continue Reading →

UK: Restricted Government Document – The Existential Threat of Investigative Journalism Against National Security and Secrecy (ViableOpposition) 20 Aug 2019

Here’s what /u/finnagains has to say about it: With the developments regarding Julian Assange and Wikileaks, I thought that a look back to a WikiLeaks release in 2009 was timely. In the October 2009 release, WikiLeaks posted a previously unpublished and classified (RESTRICTED) 2389 page document from the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense dated October... Continue Reading →

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