UK: Restricted Government Document – The Existential Threat of Investigative Journalism Against National Security and Secrecy (ViableOpposition) 20 Aug 2019

Here’s what /u/finnagains has to say about it: With the developments regarding Julian Assange and Wikileaks, I thought that a look back to a WikiLeaks release in 2009 was timely. In the October 2009 release, WikiLeaks posted a previously unpublished and classified (RESTRICTED) 2389 page document from the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense dated October... Continue Reading →

Remembering women revolutionaries: Antoinette Konikow – Poumista (WordPress) 12 Feb 2016

Here’s what /u/finnagains has to say about it: A focus on Antoinette F. Konikow. Konikow has a very good quality Wikipedia article, so I’ll start with that: Antoinette F. Buchholz Konikow (1869–1946) was an American physician, feminist, and radical political activist. Konikow is best remembered as one of the pioneers of the American birth control... Continue Reading →

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